Testing 1,2,3 Coronavirus is rehearsal for what?

There is no sense in this post that the spread of Covid19 is not real, and that the effects of it being felt.

I am disquieted in spirit at the response to this crisis. Country after country is closing down. I sense that this will usher in a world government or initiate the slow preparation for the beast system.

Complaints have been made that money could be a carrier of the virus. Transactions by electronic means is going to take over cash transaction. The response of each country has been the same pattern, quiet admission there is a problem, daily counts, extraordinary meetings, denials then admissions, changing scenarios hour by hour. The whole time fermenting a atmosphere of crisis.

And if this is a rehearsal? For something coming that is greater and worse? When you consider by the force of fear and paranoia Churches no longer meet. No doubt our lives have changed. I still hold to the view that precedents are being set. On the foundation of crisis are laws and regulations being set each day. Whole populations in houses across countries.

What about the numbers?? It seems the epicentre lies in Italy now with Spain closing its borders along with many countries. It seems that maybe Europe may recover after peaking.

What will never recover is the world economy and here where it gets scary. The Bible says “ The love of money is the root of all evil. “. Airlines and the travel arm of any economy will go to the wall. How will banks assume debts that accrue in a time of no flights across the world? When national economies will have no movement of trade temporarily?

I think here we are seeing the seeds of what many have seen coming. Barry Smith in the 70s saw some end time scenarios, did not get it all right. What he captured was the ruthless spirit that will descend. And ruthless it will be as world economies become slave to invisible masters. This is becoming a world catastrophe.

What is apparent however is one thing that we all need to understand, the number of the redeemed is exact. The number of the saints is known in heaven. Is there still a harvest? According to Joel 2 the word there speaks of a response to the extraordinary praying of the nation of Israel. 4 types of locust had passed through the harvest and they saw disaster in the face. The response from God was to reestablish the economy first then feed the people. After which there was an awakening to gather in the harvest of souls. Read Joel 2:28-32.

The world is on the edge of a society built by satan himself. God however is for the last harvest.

So as I have been strongly suggesting to Churches to make a point of a season of extraordinary prayer. It is sounding the Trumpet in Zion. It is gathering all. Whether be online, or in places. It’s time to negotiate with God. It’s time to cry out in repentance for being asleep.

This crisis is life changing and needs a Church response.


P.s our ministry has been hit with the restrictions of travel and teaching venues. If you can send support as many have asked how to do so, please send to Paypal: russelldurose@yahoo.com . We thank you for this as many ministries will be hit at this time. We are open to go to wherever to teach when the contagion passes.

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