Blow the Trumpet, call a solemn assembly: Joel 2

Blow the Trumpet in Zion, sound the alarm in my holy Hill…call a solemn Assembly.” Joel 2

May the Prophets sound the alarm…sound the Call

This message today is the clarion call to the Church, whatever denomination, whatever persuasion, to every believer not even affiliated, to all who profess Yahweh as their God, to obey the prophetic call. The current crisis calls for a solemn assembly as nation after nation closes down, as it seems a unseen hand has interrupted the normal economy, the normal legislative process. We are seeing precedents broken through we are seeing the stage being set, for a globalist takeover of the world, without anyone really realising it. The very thing that has been played into is population fears and pressures, that has closed down what are basic freedoms.

I have been warning about this unseen hand, and there has come to light much concerning the origin of the virus. The virus is very real, the deaths are real. We feel real pain at the spread. Where many would see the virus as the focus, it is not, the focus is that because of the leverage that can be used by the virus, and the fear of it, there can be a power and liberty grab. It is for this reason that a solemn assembly must be CALLED.

Times call for a solemn coming together to focus on the One who can kill the virus, and be merciful.

It seems that God permitted this to come about, because the level of iniquity has come to a limit. In Genesis 15 we see God extend to Abraham the covenant, but it would not fully manifest until after Israel pass through grievous slavery in Egypt and the sin of the Amorites became full. Therefore if we apply this, we may pass an uncomfortable period of “slavery” but we will come out, to God’s land.

In Joel he says the solution is a gathering of the whole nation. The prayer was not for personal relief but the honour of God’s Name. We must study it and take the lessons. What was the prayer?

  • Save your people.
  • Save your people from reproach
  • Save your Name from ungodly shame.

What was the divine response?

  1. I will save the land , my land of covenant
  2. I will have mercy on My people.
  3. I will restore oil, grain and wine
  4. I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh.

I see 4 Divine responses to combat 4 locusts!

So join me in calling for the Solemn Assembly, connecting believers homes all over the globe!


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