Church and Ministry Finance

Now that this crisis has taken hold most Churches are now reverting to online versions of meetings where believers are encouraged to stay at home. This will impact on finances of ministries and Churches. Please pray for this as my own activities will be curtailed for a while. God provides yes, and we will need to see how that provision is met.

In 1 Kings 17 we see in a time of famine that Elijah is taken to the Brook Cherith. There the ravens brought him meat in the morning and in the evening. God chose to use nature itself to provide. Then once the Brook dried up God took him to a widow who was to feed herself and her son one last meal before starvation. Elijah commanded the multiplication of little and the last they had.

I sense we are there now, we need to be speaking multiplication over the small flows and supply for others. Right now the panic buying is provoking disruptions of stock. Elijah not only tested the widows faith for multiplication but the condition was that she fed him first. Is the tendency in crisis look after our own first? Yet here the test is obey God and bless His Prophet, in doing so would release the miraculous in the life of that family.

The key is bless your Church before you go into survival mode. Sow into your minister at this crisis time and you will see in this emergency a miraculous release. The meal never failed nor did the oil fail to flow until God sent rain.

This means that God was to bring an end to the emergency and bring rain and bring relief. Here today the promise is God will determine an end to this and no need to go into selfish survival mode.

The fire of the Lord fell first then came the rain to refresh.

God will send His Fire first to prove He is God then His Rain to start again the normal process of growth of food and sustenance . And end to the emergency.

So think about your pastor or minister. Sow into your miraculous supply. Think about the ministers you see trusting God. The key is that the widow did not think first in herself or her son. She blessed God’s prophet and believe in the prophetic Word.


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