Let the King of Glory come in

Psalm 24

Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.
Psalms 24:7 KJV

The above photo was taken 10 years ago today. It is the highest point in Portugal. It is Mount Caramulo. 10 years ago God moved me to make a journey with the conviction that I was calling winds of change.

Precisely 10 years ago the Lord gave me the above Scripture to mark this occasion. I was in prayer today and this same Scripture came and I was not sure as to its significance. Until I saw the above photo on Facebook.

The Lord it seems has brought me full circle to call forth the same winds, however the focus is not the nation, it is Jesus Himself, the King of Glory. He is desiring for us to “lift up”, to open the “gates” and lift up “everlasting doors”.

These gates and doors can mean that Jesus is waiting outside for us to ask Him in to where we are or signifies a birthing.

“When Zion travails she brings forth her children…” however now we need to bring forth Christ Himself. The Word, aided by the Spirit must be taught with new dimensions of understanding.

Acts 3;19-21 says that God will send Jesus to us…in this generation.

We shy from the role Mary played in birthing Jesus for us, and when we consider her Magnificat and what came to her, we understand the inversion that takes place.

She is “invaded ” by the Power of the Highest, and the Holy Spirit came on her! What sort of daily living would she have had in those 9 months? What insights would have come as that which was growing in her grew in maturity?

And she had the further blessing of being brought into the Fire and Baptism of the Spirit on Pentecost.

There is coming in our day the Word (Jesus) and the Spirit. Jesus to birth through us the character of God, and the Spirit will come to illuminate us in God so that we move in His Power. This is a new season, not of anything else but the Word and the Spirit.

Just as 10 years ago on that Mount calling out for the King of Glory to come in, so we need to discern the gates and doors that need to be lifted up so that He may fully come! Acts 2;1 says when the day of Pentecost had fully come…we need to move into the fulness of what is coming…

Let us welcome Him who is the King of Glory!


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