Series Workshops

With Brexit process going through the Lord has led me in His Word to ascertain what He is about to do. We have specific series workshops in the Word to address the prophetic purpose of God for the UK church.

Here are some examples;

Fulness that Transforms

God is bringing through John 2 the prophetic pattern of how the UK Church can access fulness of Christ that changes a nation

7 Processes of Purification in the Word

Series designed to discern the 7 processes God takes us through to flow into fulness.

Realising the Process of Maturity

Maturity needs to be attained to perceive God’s end time plans.

The warfare of the Teaching Ministry

The teacher must wage war against Leviathan, Scripture and this series shows you how.

How heaven views the Earth

Psalm 24 shows us how heaven sees us and the earth.

The Inversion Factor

When God inverts the order what is God doing in a season like that.

Just some examples of the series I have already conducted. If you are interested in inviting me to conduct any of these then please contact me on

All I require is an email with a view to have personal contact.

We are making the Word available in a way where we can discern God’s ways.

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