As the British Church lightly esteems…

Wherefore the Lord God of Israel saith, I said indeed that thy house, and the house of thy father, should walk before me for ever: but now the Lord saith, Be it far from me; for them that honour me I will honour, and they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed.
1 Samuel 2:30 KJV

This is a season that God is weeding out those who honour or those who despise. The lack of honour means that there is contempt for those who preach and prophesy a hard word today. Whilst the Church in the UK remains in its own programmes and not the Lord’s so the spiritual vacuum that shall come forth shall lead the country into period where the enemy shall be God as His house is neglected.

Here the word of the unknown prophet to Eli is very poignant and terrifying. Eli was brought close to the Glory, but now there is a debasement taking place. Instead of transforming privilege to prayer, now they have become self serving. Instead of trusting for God honouring their selfless service so now they seize provision by force.

I believe that what God shares with me today is that God is waiting on the Church to decide to take back the national agenda and call upon judgment for making a way for righteousness to reign and flow out over the Commonwealth so that it be a bulwark against new and dangerous ideologies.

The transference of responsibility to Westminster if not corrected will bring a very dark time where the Church will engage more and more in a sensual gospel, or the globalist aspiration will be fully realised. I saw in vision London dark and dismal like in Dickens’ time in the 18th Century. Where inequality is worse than today, where poverty and greed will be a marking factor in those days.

The vision is conditional being that we are being presented with a choice stand in power or sit in subservience.

The persecution on the British Church will start when charity status of Church and ministries will be the first act, to strip them of this privilege. The second will force the Church to accept alternative lifestyles. The third will be the rewriting of Scripture.

He who does not bow will be the enemy of the state; the status quo.

Ezekiel 3 shows us the authority and remit of the watchman. He must warn. I am warning that unless the Church arises then darkness shall overtake the land. Schools will force children to become sexually aware at 5 and 6, preparing the ground for a long assault on morality.

It shall be so vexing that Sodom will pale into insignificance. Lot was tormented, and was vexed beyond measure. Genesis 19.

Our vexation will come due to our silence. Joel 3 speaks of the multitudes in the valley of decision. The Church is there.

This is not just Brexit but a trial that Britain must face to align with God or not. Prophetically God has established a place for the UK in His end time plans but the Church must step into it. As the government came against the early Church in Acts 4 so the unaminous prayer and understanding of Psalm 2 brought a new visitation. The Church like the prophet in Ezekiel 37 must call for the Breath, the 4 winds over the nation.

This is a season of decision.

In the original prophecy of 1 Samuel 2, says that as the leadership despises the Lord so He will lightly esteem. This lack of esteem shall be evident as demonic forces will come to deceive and oppress. The protections in place shall be removed for lack of holiness. Prayers and preaching shall have no anointing, worship shall be sensual. Leadership needs to honour the Presence.

Obed Edom had the privilege of having the Ark in his home.

As he and his sons honoured the Glory, so God brought them close to Him in the Tabernacle of David.

There will be a network of house churches and individual churches where the “Ark shall turn aside” and where God is honoured so He shall esteem.

The esteem so God will bring protection and peace for the dark days ahead.


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