The weapons of our warfare

(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)
2 Corinthians 10:4 KJV

This post is coming to those who know they are in transition . The transition is the new stage of ministry God is taking this generation into in a new dimension of manifesting the Messianic lineage in their ministry. I speak this way and will in a future post share about the Messianic lineage in the context of Scripture and how we connect.

When there is transition there is opposition

If we are moving in God we are directly a threat to the Thrones of Darkness. There are levels of authority both in the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Darkness.

The verse I quote about the warfare is that it is ours! The battle, constant contestings of the devil land on our doorstep. We must know that this is not Jesus’ warfare because He has already won the war!

In Tolkein’s Trilogy of Lord of the Rings we see spiritual warfare laid bare and illuminated to those who are spiritually alive.

So in the Trilogy we centre about the Ring of Sauron, which Frodo must destroy so that in doing so Aragorn can be restored to an eternal Kingdom. This is plainly Biblical in that once the devil has finally been consigned to the lake of fire so the manifestation of the Kingdom can be full.

God has given us weapons to fight what is our war. It is our war because all that Jesus accomplished must be applied in our lives through revelation which brings application and that application brings a demonstration of that Kingdom. It is our process so like in Hebrews 12 we too can endure so that we can be exalted along with Christ and sit with Him in His Throne!

These weapons are not natural. They are spiritual.

There are mostly all defensive in that they prevent malignant invasions of the enemy. Only one weapon in this armoury is offensive , the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.

The Word of God is the weapon God desires to use in the new move of revival in the nations. Is it by chance that we have a many pronged attack against the Word. On one hand we have neglect and on the other heresy. All to bring discredit and to try to make the Word of none effect . It is so fundamental that the Word brought creation into being, is the very vehicle that this age shall be wound up.

In Acts 4, we see a persecuted Church, the government of the day being opposed to the advance of the Gospel. It was the unaminous prayer of Psalm 2 that brought a shaking and a filling. That is what we need to ask for. That in the filling of the Church there be a shaking.

The Word when studied and taught must lead us to an offensive against that which opposes. Could it be that our lack of offensive and passivity be due to a lack of the Word? I am led to believe it is the case.

It is not just reading the Word, it is Spirit led study that is needed. This discipline has been neglected for a sensationalist and immediate idea of faith.

If the Word creates, and destroys then it goes that this Word when neglected brings us to powerlessness to respond to a world increasingly hostile to believers who exercise authority.

The next thing we notice is the strongholds.

The tower of Mordor is symbolic to us of the strongholds that Satan uses. We need to understand the hierarchy of satanic authority.

We have principalities, powers, thrones and demons. These are of different levels of authority and mission. The same goes for the Kingdom of God.

Revelation 19 says that we have the Word of our testimony. This defeats the enemy. This testimony is when Jesus, who is the Word leads us into new dimensions of truth about who we are, and who He is!

On my trip to America I saw an aspect of God that I have not seen for years. In all circumstances I saw the incredible favour of God and the Hand of God protecting, guiding, anointing, revealing. I came back changed as I had transitioned from where I had been, in isolation to travelling and teaching in the nations.

The struggles of the nations is not political but spiritual.

The strongholds are ideologies confirmed by demonic entities which produce effects and spiritual realities which bind the nations and peoples. They can be pulled down by truth. They are unseen and spiritual. The deception that is coming into the Church is the theory of engaging a political process. The struggles of the nations is not political but spiritual.

It goes to show that our warfare whilst spilling out into our circumstances the origin must be discerned that they all come from the unseen spiritual realm.

Therefore as it is our war, Jesus leads us with our weapons to enforce the victory He paid for, worked for, overcame over. Our victory is assured as we learn how to overcome.

Revelation 2&3 exhorts us to overcome. And there will come a day when we may have to lay down our physical life for defending our spiritual truth. This is the ultimate in overcoming.

The world strongholds will fall as we overcome with the weapons of Jesus’ victory!


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