28th September 1987

This is a special day for me. A day when I celebrate a trajectory which to logic makes no sense.

In 1987 I went to the Assemblies of God national conference. It was held in Minehead and there I just thought that I would just enjoy the ministry from the National Youth Council as I thought. Yet on the Tuesday in a altar call the Lord was separating me out for a lifetime vocation. As I was in my seat the Lord was commanding me to go forward. I knew what I was going to do, enrolling in ACE teams.

In June my father lovingly took me to Stourbridge to an interview where I will never forget Ian Green, the then leader of national youth ministry, in my face asking if I was called.

I was asked after the interview to go downstairs and then called up to say I was successful.

28th September 1987 represents the day I finally stepped out in that Call, that Vocation. I was fearful, wending the way to Churchstoke to Pentrenant Hall to the unknown.

What I gathered was that I was not the only one to step out, 20 others did the same that day.

Needless to say that this road of 32 years has been a learning curve. The more I learn the more I understand I know little. And I by no means have arrived in any sense of the word.

Paul talks about this sensation in Philipians 3, about the high calling. This high calling would mean a constant renunciation of human achievement. Our pursuit is to know Christ, and more than that, that He know us.

So what do I celebrate today? I celebrate the fact that in all the losses of the last 32 years, the renunciations made in favour of obedience I know Him more. That whilst in 32 years I have come to a place where I can look forward and go towards not human ambition but pursue a heavenly vision.


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