When the Prophet cries from the wilderness

Isaiah 40, Mark 1, Matthew 3, Luke 3

We speak about John the Baptist, we speak of the wilderness. What we sometimes forget that John broke convention as he was the son of a priest would have his destiny mapped out naturally. Yet God took him away to the desert because the cry that God brings to birth puts in motion a new process, a new season.

There is a time which we can speak many times about the effect of the wilderness on prophetic ministry. It is a place where God speaks a different message with a different sound.

That message takes time to be forged in the furnace of the suffering of the flesh.

When God takes hold of the Kairos He brings in our being one desire for God to fulfil purposes.

What does this cry signify in the nation?

For Jesus it was a sign that it was the time for Him to be revealed. This cry in the prophetic activated the new Kairos. This Kairos needs the fullness of Christ preparing the way for our redemption.

It also prepares the people to perceive the purpose of God in Christ for Israel. Who received the Baptism of John also received Christ.

Luke 1 Zacharias prophesies about this preparation of the spirit of Elijah activated in John would bring in the Day of the Lord.

When reading Revelation 1 we see a different Day of the Lord. Verse 10 shows the Day of the Lord to John the apostle. It was the full revelation of Jesus, the Ascended Lord.

Here with the prophetic Word of Zacharias of Luke 1 the Day of the Lord is Jesus’ revelation in Israel for the work of Redemption.

Yet what the Lord made me see today is that His prophets are in the wilderness. Many are anxious to leave the wilderness yet I believe that God has a wilderness in the Spirit for this ministry office. There is a humility which the prophet needs to live in.

There is a Day of the Lord that is coming to our generation. The timing depends on the prophetic cry. This cry prepares the Church for the fulness of Christ in our generation. It prepares the Church for the coming together of our love for the Word and the Spirit working in His Church.

Psalm 24 has been a scripture that has been rumbling on in my spirit as we are preparing conferences in many nations. In Psalm 24 there is an invitation to see the heavens move and celestial doors open for the King of Glory come into our generation.

Therefore the Lord needs to encourage the prophets that they cherish the wilderness because what is being forged is the cry from the Lord. This cry will bring forth the full Day of the Lord for our generation.

It is the motivation of all ministry to see Jesus revealed in fulness to and through His Church.

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