Jesus: the Testimony is the spirit of prophecy

Revelation 19; for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy…

We turn around the verse to put the onus on us when the onus is on the one who sends us the testimony, endow us with the testimony.

I was in prayer one day having read a book about John of the Cross, when he speaks about the 3 levels of prayer. He speaks of

1. Purgative

2. Illuminitive

3. Unitive

The reason I bring this is because the endowment of the testimony of Jesus is not one that is achievable but it is given as an intimate transmission from Jesus Himself.

The life of Jesus is a prophecy as it paves the way for our own walk

The testimony is given to keep us on our pursuit. Hebrews 11 speaks of those who obtained witness, testimony.

Recently the Lord made me dwell in 2 Kings 2 because He wanted me to see the parallel between Elijah being translated just like Jesus was. There is a throwing down, there is a sending forth something greater.

God is “translating” to eternity some great saints of God and there must be a transfer of commission to a new generation.

What does Jesus want from the new generation?

We must remember Elisha running in step with Elijah. He would not be separated from Elijah. He went through several preparation places before he came to the place where the celestial manifested in the natural. Elisha is told that that which he sought could only be received if he saw the heavenly.

Jesus commanded His disciples not to depart but wait…as He would send His Spirit to them!

What a wonderful vision! What a wonderful window into the heavenly realms! This was the condition that Elisha would move into a greater place in God!

He departed not from Elijah’s side. As we should not depart from Jesus’ side as He walks toward bringing His Kingdom. He will send to us His witness.

His witness is a work done in our inner man where we see the Lord from the open door He opens for us in the Celestial Realms so we may speak what we have seen and heard!

The witness or marturia is a divine fire brand put into our spirit that we know we have seen Him, we have felt Him, we have heard Him. What we have been firebranded we manifest the same characteristics in our walk with Him.

When we consider all talk of anointing today, we need to remember two men anointed, Saul and David. One was rejected by God, the other is a man after God’s own heart! Saul was anointed! He was gifted! Yet lost his place for disobedience!

So what does it cost for us to receive the marturia? It costs us our very life! We must become lovers of the Cross, allowing its pain, its rejection, its separation touch us! So we may be raised in Him!

The Testimony (marturia) of Jesus comes to us as we walk in His Steps and walk in His Sufferings

James and John were instigated by their mother to ask for places in Jesus’ throne. Jesus replied that they knew not what they asked! He asked ” are you willing to drink of the cup for which I will drink? Or be baptised in my baptism?”

To come into Christ is to die…take up the Cross…to acquire one must lose, to receive one must give, to be promoted one must be humiliated.

It is so upside down that many miss it.

However many do.

That is why we must pursue Him, so that we may understand and comprehend Him. That way we may know the cost.

The Lord is calling us to see Him, and know Him. That way His Testimony will be given to us, so we may manifest His works, walk in His ways, and speak His Thoughts.

Only this way will we be distinguished from the world and the flesh.


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