Two fronts of attack

There are moves within some denominational circles to dilute Biblical foundations such as the resurrection and the acceptance of gay marriage.

There is growing ambiguity as the Biblical truth of bodily resurrection of Jesus is now being questioned and other lifestyles are being accepted.

The two pronged attack is to undermine the efforts to unify the Church and to defend crucial tenets of faith, and defend the Biblical definitions of marriage and family.

However we would look on this, we see forming more divisions, more denominations arising to meet “demand” for more acceptable ways of moulding theology to the modern day.

This is a tendency that will continue and must be resisted at all costs. Our prayer must be to appeal to the Judicial Christ to expose false doctrine, uphold key foundational truths, and avoid religious controversy.

What is impossible for man to do, is possible with God. We need to pray to invoke the Holy Spirit to pour out a spirit of unity and see a demonstration of the doctrine of the Lord. Acts 13 shows the confrontation between Paul and the false prophet Elymas. The proconsul was singled out for being won for the Kingdom. Elymas went out to stop this and was blinded. The scripture says that the pro consul was amazed at the “doctrine” of the Lord.

Doctrine is not just a list of belief points, it is a demonstration of the faith in action. This demonstration will make the difference when false prophets infiltrate to corrupt the Church. May Jesus the Head send forth men to move in the “doctrine” so that the Church may embrace the revelation of the mystery of the Bride and its relationship with its lover…Christ.

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