Jesus; the pattern of restoring

John 21; Simon Peter do you love me?

Here as we progress in this series concerning Christ we still see patterns which indicate how He moves in us.

We meet Peter in Chapter 21 completely defeated, having gone back to his old profession. He sees that he failed Christ in denying Him 3 times.

But as we see the progression of the dialogue Jesus opens with Peter we see Him touch Peter in his failure with such discretion and gentleness.

I really marvel the way Jesus works in us. He is not like us who like to hit our brothers and sisters and confront them head on with their failing. Yet Jesus knows how to touch our hearts and bring change.

We all know the love issue Jesus confronts Peter on. Yet what we don’t see that in every confrontation there is an affirmation of Peter.

The Correction of Jesus is the doorway to our affirmation and ordination.

The Greek words use to feed the sheep and lambs are bosco, poimino, bosco.

The word poimino is the Greek word for Pastor.

In the correction Jesus was showing him a doorway into his calling!

Revivals come after great conviction of sin and truth.

Our restoration comes as we are open to His correcting light!


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