The Modern Day holocaust

This post is not an easy one as its title is by no means what they term as click bait. The day yesterday was a Remembrance Day for the holocaust. I myself was moved in prayer for this day. However I sensed the Lord come to me with shocking words;

In my understanding and processing the seed of what came to me; You celebrate the holocaust of the Jews and see the photos of those exterminated, or were on the way to be exterminated, seemingly like sheep going to the slaughter but there is still a holocaust going on today. The unseen wounds and torture of many, abuses, accusations, extermination of faith still goes on.

I cannot contain my shock at this, knowing that it is true.

The state of New York passed abortion laws which state that termination of a pregnancy can be still done until full term. Whilst abortion is still the modern martyrdom of the modern era, with innocents denied the chance to live, is to God a point of judgment for any nation. A sin which God visits in bringing consequences. Now the liberals have pushed this to the limit.

I cite this example to show you that many are pushing back limits of common decency, of respect of others, of brotherhood which almost is held in name only.

If we were to do an investigation of how many in churches have suffered verbal or any abuse from leadership, we would have so much material to hand.

What God was trying to alert me to was that whilst Hitler and Nazi people have now gone, that spirit still runs rampant. It seems that once it manifested in the 1930s it never disappeared. It’s like what the Bible teaches concerning the Antichrist, that he has been and will come.

The modern day division between churches, ministries, people, and the abuses and accusations that come out from this situation, represent in God’s eyes a holocaust of the same proportion. God was highlighting to me the hypocrisy of it, that we think that the suffering of the holocaust somehow disappeared and atrocities are not being committed today. They are.

Many today stare at the wreckage of their faith from such abuses, invisible to the naked eye.

It may be a shocking post but God showed me yesterday the miracle that came out of the pain. A nation was reborn!

God regards the “low estate” of those who live today with pain which has been inflicted on them through false doctrine, abuses of Church life, no support in times of pain, isolation from brothers and sisters, lack of love. He will bring down the mighty and lift up the humble. Times of change are coming.

God is about to birth from your pain something impossible and miraculous and He shall wipe away the tears and take away the pain.

The gifts of healing will not just heal visible diseases but diseases of the heart and mind.

God has heard from heaven the outcry. It has gone up before His Throne.

He will bring forth a new revelation of Himself, renew the table of fellowship and pour out His Spirit.

The modern day holocaust shall become the modern day holy cause.


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