“Yea, a sword shall pierce through your soul also”


Luke 2:35 is prophesied over Mary by Simeon. Indeed we have no notion of what this means until we see this scene from Mel Gibson’s film The Passion.

What we need to get over in our theological debates is the dimension that is lost by this reality.

When you consider the privilege Mary was given in receiving the visitation of Gabriel the angel announcing that as a virgin she would bear the Son of God, that this same birth, surrounded by Angels and glory, Simeon comes to present the piercing of her heart.

How that mother hurt and broke at seeing the Son, the healer, the raiser of the dead , is now at the mercy of torture and a cross.

It certainly puts disasters and losses in perspective. The sword that would pierce her heart would soon be healed and baptized in that day that the Father sends the promise.

Could it be that for us a sword must pierce us to cause us to recognise how small we have become in our disunity? Could it be that this sword pierce our hearts to bring us close to the Heart of God?

Maybe we need to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to us what the sword coming into our heart means…so we may in the brokenness see and know Him.

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