The Spirit and the Bride say Come! Part 2; the Cry of the Spirit

Here the image of the Holy Spirit is so descriptive. He cries out to Jesus, the Son!

Why is He crying out?

He is crying out because when Jesus will come it will mean the closure of a sorry dispensation of pain and injustice.

It will mean that the Holy Spirit will have free reign to administer the Lordship of Christ in the manifest Kingdom.

It will mean that the Holy Spirit will bring the saints into face to face communion with the Lord.

It will mean that the preparation of the Holy Spirit will be over. Perfection will come.

I was meditating yesterday concerning the Universal Church over the earth and the many denominations and their divergences and understood that regarding Jesus the Son all speak the same thing, believe the same thing.

Once we start to speak about the Holy Spirit we then see the divergences appear.

It is obvious that Satan is attacking our understanding of the Holy Spirit because He is vital for our preparation as the Bride to bring us into ever increasing degrees of intimacy with Christ.

This also means that as believers we need to be lifted from doctrinal positions and dogmatic positions to our divine position in Christ.

Once we grasp this revelation we will feel the vibration of the Spirit’s cry in our spirit. He wants to bring us into union with Christ.

It is not the Union of one believer to Christ but the collective that makes up the Bride. If we are divided in this life how can we be United to Him in the next?

There are many obstacles in our way.

However we live in an age where changes take place rapidly. We saw the President of the US meet with the Leader of North Korea. Instead of the threats, the Spirit of that meeting was conciliatory. Change!

How much more leaders of denominations agreeing to partner around the mission of the Holy Spirit tied up with the Destiny of the Church.

In a nutshell the ambiguity with the Holy Spirit needs to stop and we must agree and perceive He has come to prepare us to be part of a Bride that desire Jesus as the Bridegroom.

All else is trivial.

This Destiny regards eternity. So politics and institutional identity must be put aside.

Let us understand the Will of the Spirit and let us submit to Him and joining our desires with His!


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