What goes on behind the scenes…

Just thought I would engage with you as the reader.

I get the stats that the readership comes from so many nations and I am grateful to God for the inspiration first to be able to be inspired to inspire you.

The feedback these days is rather scarce to say the least. I sometimes wonder if anyone is listening.

We are currently in a series of messages on The Spirit and the Bride say Come.

What goes into writing this way?

Hours and hours of reflection with hours and hours of research as well. Sometimes that research includes going into different original language studies whether it be Hebrew or Greek, not that that makes me more intelligent. No, sometimes great discoveries come that way. New facets come into being that way that can open up revolutionary texts.

Also in those reflective times much seeking out what God wants is made. Some of the themes are so intense that only God can keep the consistency of them.

What would make this site even more meaningful is your contribution in terms of feedback, whether it be sharing experiences, messages, revelations which can be shared in future posts.

Not that I write to get the feedback. No, but I believe interesting and profound sharing your ideas on the subjects presented would be an enriching experience.

I invite you behind the scenes in the process to share with me your own reflections.

And pray for me as I continue to serve you in each teaching series.

I look forward to hearing from you. Just click here to submit your feedback and sharing.

Involve today in this creative process.


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