The Spirit and the Bride say Come! Part 3; perceiving the yearning

Revelation 22 opens the colours and contours of the final eternal vision which brings the Bride and the Spirit together to speak out “Come!”

It is necessary to understand that the heavenly Vision of this chapter is not new. It had been seen before! Ezekiel a prophet who joined the Captivity in the Babylonian country began to not only see the solutions for present dilemmas but an eternal vision.

The reason for this multidimensional vision is that God wants to show us that He wants us to become eternally minded. The lack of this vision and this understanding brings us into a place of operating in the human political and religious level.

The Spirit who comes to us is the One who brings to us this eternal dimension. Without which all that we believe, all that which we write is merely rational musings and we must know it’s not enough to convince through historical or factual evidence but that there is a dimension which is seen by faith.

Both Ezekiel and John share in mortal pain. Ezekiel sees his identity torn apart,his country destroyed. His Temple burned and torn down. His faith displaced.

John is boiled in oil, but would not burn. In constant pain. Yet despite extreme circumstances that marked their lives they were able to communicate what they saw and perceived.

Union with God brings all the reality of the New Heaven and Earth into forth as a new eternal child.

The River symbolises the eternal constancy of God’s nature and purpose.

The yearning of the Spirit and the Bride is that the River flows from our devotion to Christ. We lift our eyes away from our human machinations to see there is a higher way.

The cry “Come” is because we desire that union that brings the purity, integrity, consistency of all things. The impure and evil is removed from our world and our lives.

When we cry “Come ” we are uniting our desire for the birthing of perfection as God once created.

When we cry “Come” we are making God in Christ the centre from which all eternal and perfect things flow. In this way our humanity fades in the light of perfection.

We need to perceive the Spirit in bringing us into the heavenly Vision.

We speak not lightly of this as a cliche but as a perceivable reality. God is not only bringing us into union, but into His Dwelling as a Collective of saints from many generations, to belong into a perfect city, where belonging and worshipping is a moment by moment vibration.

We see the Bride represented in chapter 21 of Revelation as being the City. The New Jerusalem, and from it flows an eternal River. This Bride includes all covenants made to Israel via Abraham and all saints. To the Church is made inclusion.

The heavenly Vision connects us to a contextual day to day vision where the Spirit shows us the flow to where we cry out “Come”.

In a day of division, deception, degradation we need to come into this vision by the Holy Spirit. There our rituals and our doctrines are replaced by shafts of revelatory light!


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