3 Manifestations of Elijah; Part 1: Behold I will send Elijah the prophet…

Malachi 4:5 Behold I will send (to) you Elijah the Prophet…

The historical and spiritual figure of Elijah is a giant as much as Enoch in that they both did not die in body but were carried in heavenly hosts to a celestial abode.

We need first to Behold! Beholding is perceiving what is manifesting at its heavenly origin. What I mean is that John the Apostle perceived the way heaven processed the events of history and the coming of eternity as time is wrapped up.

The Catholic theologian Newmann in the 19th century explains a particular principle which causes many to stumble, the role of natural religion and revelation. He speaks of the role of the Spirit in faith in contrast to the human system of religion. And it’s from this basis today that “religion” in all its Christian forms can look like business as usual. Yet even the so called Charismatic movements that innovate and iterate in conference fashion even so it’s business as usual.

When we read in Malachi that God is going to send us Elijah the prophet we are reading it in a human capacity. Yet it seems we are reminded that Elijah in its prophetic essence is visiting us again.

To do what?

To wake the believer from his slumber from business as usual in all sacramental and ecclesiastical forms.

The coming of Elijah will be like the first clap of thunder of a stormy trend.

God is chopping up the hard earth of time and waking us to the fact that Yeshua/ Jesus is coming to make a new creation and a new habitation of the Church and the nation of Israel as represented in the Revelation 21 image of the celestial city descending with the 12 gates of each tribe. The Church represented by 12 foundations.

Elijah is associated with Words that shut or open the heavens, associated with calling down fire. Associated with the prophetic company that same anointing passed down right to John the Baptist.

Elijah must come before the dreadful day so that for us who are prepared can fully enter into our eternal estate. Elijah comes in various ways in Malachi. We see in chapter 3 that God will send His Messenger. This prophetic messenger comes to purify the Levites. Compare the language of Leviticus 25 and Ephesians 4 and we see the connection of who the modern Levites are.

If Elijah the prophet is coming then the elect are being prepared for signs and miracles in every realm existent. The powerless Church shall be clothed in prophetic commission. Elijah must bring relationship between the father’s of faith and sons of faith. And broken relationships that abound today and the various levels of division that exist will be pushed aside by the manifestion of Elijah before the Day of the Lord.

The proliferation of knowledge of the prophetic in many places is manifest in books, conferences and Churches. My view is that the culmination of this knowledge has brought varying degrees of the prophetic but nothing compared when Elijah is revealed.

His name means Yahweh is God. A emphatic declaration. In his full sending we are being confronted what will pass from faith in the invisible to manifestation in the physical realms.

Who can stand the Day of his coming?

The prophet Malachi envisaging the type of work He comes to do through Elijah is to purify from the filth and merchandise that has pervaded the people of God. And the uncompromising demand for purity in the ministerial and Levitical sphere will be either for some welcome treasure as the silver is revealed and a torture for those who preferred its tarnishing via the atmosphere that affected it.

Today both influence and money have held their sway and Jesus is jealous to redeem and to reject those who persist in living this in the season of demand via Elijah the prophet.

Dake’s Bible, a treasure for its study, whilst I do not agree with everything but here he states a literal appearance of Elijah the prophet.

His coming either in literal form or in a generational manifestation is a wake up call.

My view is that we need Elijah ever more to wake us up to who is Yahweh and how we need to be.


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