Prophetic Word to Leadership

John 11:49-50

One of them named Caiaphas, being the high priest that year said unto them, you know nothing. Nor consider that it is expedient for us, that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not.

This Word is transmitted with due respect to true leaders God raises up in our time. However what the Lord revealed with great fear in my heart is the expediency that reigns in leadership in many places.

In a time of great acceleration in the proliferation of news and information where lives are under great scrutiny and where scandals in the Church universal abound there is a sense where expediency and consolidation of leaders is leading them to acquire the same tendencies as Caiaphas. His words here are prophetic in the grand divine scheme of things, that is that these words not only foretell the death of Jesus but form the master plan to kill the Saviour.

We know how the chief priests colluded with the Roman ruler Pontius Pilate to hand Jesus to a cruel death. And yet surprisingly the Lord drew my attention to a great parallel from the Old Testament.

In 1 Samuel 13 we see Saul showing the same consolidation of his position as King. We see that he sacrifices the Sacrifice at Gilgal. Gilgal historically is the place of circumcision and it is here great testing of true leadership is placed in Saul and he fails.

V11 And Samuel said, what have you done? And Saul said , because I saw the people were scattered from me, and you came not within the day appointed, and the Philistines gathered themselves together at Michmash, therefore I said to myself, The Philistines will come down upon me to Gilgal and I have not made supplication unto the Lord; I forced myself and offered the burnt offering..

So what is God is saying to leaders today?

Kings and Presidents are trying to be priests and prophets and priests are trying to be politicians!

In the scheme of things the result is the same. Saul saw the Spirit depart and Caiaphas saw the Temple disgraced and His priesthood ashamed.

Too many are playing the political game with God’s saints and too many are attributing rulers with spiritual offices which is not their calling.

Too many are swayed by the political landscape and are prophesying into men and women without knowing whether God will work through them or despite them. God’s plan is always performed whether rulers are submitted to Him. However Pastors and leaders who play politics will always kill off the true leaders of change.

This is what God made me see in vision form. A form of subtle manipulation that goes on in closed rooms and offices around the world. Decisions about Church structures and systems can be the vessels of collusion in the hands of political forces.

The result is death and destruction. For Saul he was killed at Gilboa, both he and his sons. For Caiaphas and the Priesthood the Temple destroyed and the people scattered for two milleniums.

History is a lesson and the principles within history have a habit of repeating themselves.

You may be reading this in your locality, or in your Church office. What does this mean for you?

First we must recognise that Christ is the Head of the Church. Too much the divisions have created systems and dogmas which bring the same tendencies in leaders like Saul and Caiaphas. When you hear the Word consolidation of leadership, beware. Only God confirms and raises up leaders. Leaders have followers. Leaders have followers who see character and authority coming from Christ.

For too long what has been a factor of disquiet is the focus on platform based ministry and meetings where few are activated and where Body ministry is more and more rarer. Where are the gifts? Where is the space for the Holy Spirit to minister through the flock?

The second thing after recognising our Head is praying for a new leadership generation. Where leadership is not governed by influence over people but authority from God. Pray for leader and pastor. Pray for wisdom and pray for their families.

Thirdly resist the temptation to overly involve oneself in the political landscape abroad now. You are called into a spiritual office not a political one!

Also resist the structure where leaders are a bottleneck to the move of the Holy Spirit. Where there is a narrowing of the congregational expression in the gathering together. Where leaders lord it over the flock.

I could say more. But I have discharged what I believe God revealed to me this day.


3 thoughts on “Prophetic Word to Leadership

  1. Shalom, I was at church and my Pastor in his office and the Holy spirit said “The sin of Saul “I am still wanting to understand that.

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