Voice in the Wilderness; Prepare a staircase

The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord , make straight in the desert a highway for our God.
Isaiah 40:3 KJV

The call of John into the wilderness is a demarcation in forsaking family duty, what is expected and what the Law determines. John is the son of a priest. As sons, it is predetermined that they follow the course.

Embracing enormity and forsaking conformity

The Scripture in Isaiah 40 represents some unheard of movement of the Lord. It represents APPARENT break with conformity for the objective of bringing about the greatest prophetic task ever undertaken until Jesus.

Decodes and Deciphering

How clear Isaiah decodes prophetically the mission of John the Baptist that he situated him spiritually and geographically. Who could have deciphered John’s leading into the most unlikely place?


And who could have discerned precisely the Call place on his life? Only a high priest flowing in the prophetic stream. Isaiah was a high priest and he saw John “reject” the priestly to embrace the prophetic. And in his embracing a greater task he brings about a priestly sacrament called baptism in water into being. Therefore he left conventional priesthood to move prophetically into a new priesthood with new sacramental norms.


The parameters of the Call are explicitly demonstrated in the preparation that needed to be done. Decided by the mystery of God’s working and eternal plan.


The “highway” in the Hebrew is in fact translated as a “staircase” or “stairway ” which we have seen as Bethel in Genesis. Jacob is fleeing Esau and in the Wilderness dreams about a stairway in glory with angels ascending and descending. We must also note in John when Jesus meets Nathaniel He alludes to the same process of the descending of angels and ascension of the same upon the Son of Man. The highway is directly related to the revelation of Jesus as the Messiah. John himself testifies in John’s Gospel that a sign had been given. The Descending Holy Spirit would be the sign of Messiahship. And so this prophetic word has implications a lot more wider than at first glance.


We are studying this theme beyond the direction of the Lord for this time, it is also relevant for the season we are living in. GOD is causing us to move away from conformity and from what is expected because He is wanting to open heaven and extend to earth His ” stairway” so that the Son of Man be revealed.

Jesus is the pinnacle revelation of the Father. And for being a voice crying in the Wilderness is not some spurious mission by a crazy maverick. It is the greatest task for which

the prophetic plumb line must fall today.

This for all I have written today is the most important. There are so called “prophetic voices” who are sought after for all they can reveal.

The Voice in the Wilderness must reveal first Jesus Christ. Hebrews 1 describes Him to be the exact representation of the Father and brightness of His Glory!!!

The new Elijah prophetic company must also go into the Wilderness so that Jesus be revealed to all living beings in the known universe!

But how can He be revealed?

He must come via a “stairway” of Glory. He must descend as He ascended (Acts 1). This stairway must be prophetically built. It cannot be contained within modern conventions nor established via modern strategies. It will take a break, to go into the unknown and unexpected places to prepare in purity the manifestation of the Son of God, so that in turn the sons of God be also manifest. Creation groans for this. And the universe shakes for this day.

So if the way is difficult, when there is obscurity and anonymity you can bet you are reserved for this time to prepare the descending stairway. When all eye shall see, all knees shall bow, and all tongues confess He is Lord.


One thought on “Voice in the Wilderness; Prepare a staircase

  1. Our God is truly powerful. He has given us another way to have a connection unto him. There are many people who have been blinded by lies and other poisonous things and individuals in their environment. These people are soon led to a wrong path that will destroy their future as well as themselves. However, God still uses his power to create another way to connect those people who have been ruined. He created a stairway to give hope to those people that is lost in the wilderness so that they will be cured of what they have been suffering for a long time.

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