New Series! Voice in the Wilderness

Isaiah 40 opens the concept of a Voice that resides in the Wilderness.

The Voice in the Wilderness is a relevant theme for our day

It has been a while since I have last posted here on The Spirit and the Bride say come! The reason is that one must wait for the Word to come. Not only wait for the Word to come but discern whether that theme is the theme for here. In my travels and speaking opportunities I must speak what God is saying.

The Voice that evokes Change

The Voice in the Wilderness is a theme that evokes change. Change outside the sources we can expect it to come. It is a theme that I have journeyed in prayer for some time.

The Voice in the Wilderness is the beginning of the new things God wants to bring in the midst of His People. It is about what that Voice has come to speak and where that Voice comes from. The purpose of that Voice is preparation. God does nothing without there being a specific preparation.

We need to believe that there is no more business as usual. We must contextually compare with the application of Isaiah 40 in the life of John the Baptist and compare it with our day? Are there characteristics which we can recognise as similar today?

The Voice in the Wilderness is a great prophetic task

Jesus called John the greatest prophet. We must think why Jesus called him that. We must discover what God imparted in John that represents the greatest prophetic task given to man.

I invite you in this series to prayerfully with me to journey into the “wilderness” in our meditation together. May we deny ourselves the temptation to hear contemporary voices, trends and tendencies to become the pioneers of a new divine tendency and pioneers of a new way of announcing the installation of a Kingdom and it’s King.

Rather than publishing messages to bless others I desire to live these discoveries with you.

So be attentive to this new series. May we be the people who will hear the Voice in the Wilderness so we may become the voices in the Wilderness.


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