Voice in the Wilderness; I must decrease

John makes this statement when he hears that Jesus is now baptizing. He realizes his task is almost finished.

All ministry must see that the Wilderness is not just a passing experience for John, it was the place God used to change the spiritual landscape. Yet ministry is not designed to be a continual activity and machine ESPECIALLY WHEN JESUS shows up.

For when Jesus shows up in person it means that we must know how to bow out!

Yet unfortunately we mistakenly believe that our ministering is so taken as a part of defining who we are that we unconsciously resist His coming. The very visitation we prepare for becomes the visitation we resist the most.

I must be honest with you that this for me is being a voyage of discovery because for me right now my only pursuit now is God Himself and that I cannot and will not make ministry my pursuit because the lack of it or the lack of fulfilment the way I see it can lead to great deception and disillusionment. We can configure what we see as Church based on a pursuit for being in ministry, finding your calling, Destiny, all great in their season, but unless our pursuit is God Himself we are more than deceived but deluding ourselves both doctrinally and structurally.

Church must be the vehicle that the fullness of Christ visits and all human pursuits must cease. Hebrews 4 talks about God ceasing from His Work when it’s completion is realised.

Today I found out that there are 40 thousands denominations. 40 thousand different divisions and expressions. Yet the Church in its true form is prophetically the Body of Christ. So what is important is the being rather than the doing.

What I understand by this theme “Voice in the Wilderness” is that this “ministry” is transitory in function of Jesus’ appearance.

All revivals show us that ministry is superseded by the activity and movement of the Holy Spirit. This means ministers and order of service are suspended because the Holy Spirit Himself coordinates the Church.

Two examples of this are the Azusa Street Revival 1906. Also the Welsh Revival of 1904. Here the order of service is done away with be cause the Spirit did everything.

The pastor of Azusa Street Mission would put his head in a box praying and with God. Any announcing he would do would only be allowed by the Spirit.

To us we must learn that we must decrease if we are called “Voice in the Wilderness ” so that when Jesus shows up we know that fullness has come.


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