Strange Fire, Strange Attempt, Strange practice 

Leviticus 10

2 Samuel 6 

Acts 19.

For our God is a consuming Fire. “

The Lord is more and more demanding as we pursue His Presence. Much we acquire in Revelation from Him the more is required of us. 

In Leviticus 10 relates to us an issue which God took great displeasure to. The sin was so great that fire went out from God to consume them. 

You may ask what was so great a sin. The fact is they were Aaron’s sons and Levites and knew from the Statutes given to Moses that there were certain requisites to burning fire in the censers.  They knew how and when do it. 

Yet for one occasion they deliberately decided to burn in the wrong way and at the wrong time. And as they had already received in detail the form of ordinance of the censers they disrespected God. 

The strange fire provoked the response of true fire in judgment. 

If you will offer “strange fire ” the true fire when it shows up will consume those who offer the strange fire. 

The sons of Korah in Numbers 16 were consumed by fire for offering fire of incense in their rebellion. 

The Lord wants to bring home the fact that we are beginning to provoke the Lord because we have the ordinances and statutes of the Lord before us. 

The Bible is the ordinances and statutes handed down to us. 

What the Lord is making me to understand that in all things ministerial there is a way of doing things and a time to do them. 

We seem to be dumbing down our Church activity and we can go the way of the times by neglecting the teaching of the Word in its entirety. The Church today can argue that the Old Testament and the Torah are not relevant to today. Today we have a better covenant with better promises.

Jesus did not come to abolish the Law and the Prophets , He came to FULFIL it. Meaning He came to COMPLETE IT. 

This means for us we can study it from its fulfilled perspective and activate its principles and it will activate in us the Manifestation of all its promises.

Some argue that the New Testament counts only. They are so wrong! 

When we study the Levitical Priesthood we see firmly that it was never abolished in Christ. It flowed into Him and out came the Ascension Gift Ministries of Ephesians 4:11-15. 

The priesthood Ministries not to God but from Him In Christ. That means that no longer do we need to sacrifice to satisfy the sin question.  We simply Minister the Eucharist/Communion because it symbolises the fulfilment of the perfect priesthood. We wrongly assume that if it is fulfilled we no longer need priests and ministers. We no longer need those who serve in the invisible tabernacle..

So once We “dumb down” on our Biblical knowledge  through our own low level of commitment to the Word we are almost going to offer “Strange fire”.

The first attitude is disrespect for God. This comes from a lack of the fear of God. How many times I came into Church and found it noisy beyond belief and conversations until the minister exhorts attention..God has said to me clearly that there are clear explanations in the Word of this lack of reverence. 

Where there is no reverence there will be no Presence. 

We must sanctify ourselves and the place we meet. 

Today it seems that fire coming from God’s countenance is a rare occurrence but I just wonder if today this fire under the dispensation of the New Covenant takes on different implications.. 

For me “strange fire ” is doing things our way. Fashioning Church to our tastes. Adopting worldly methods where the Word specifically states how we do it.

And if God dealt with Nadab and Abihu how much more in our days because Hebrews says He is a consuming fire..

Our ministry must flow out of precise Biblical application and not just New Testament doctrine. The Old still applies. 

In 2 Samuel 6 we see David desiring the Ark in Zion. He places it on a new cart but stumbles. Uzza steadied it and was consumed and the effort stopped there. What is interested that the Ark was “turned aside” to the house of Obed Edom and his sons. 

The intention and motivation was right but the method was wrong. It stumbled and a man lost his life. 

Obed Edom treasures and respects the Ark in his home. The very presence of it and the reverence exercised caused the house to be blessed. So much so that God made sure that Obed Edom cared for the Ark with his sons at the Tabernacle. 

David studied the Ordinances on how to transport the Ark and succeeded in getting it to a resting place in Zion.

God’s presence is looking for a resting place in your heart and home. 

Once you reverence and follow how to bring His Presence it will never leave you. You will serve at His Tabernacle. 

Today our meetings have little Presence and Glory because we do not follow the specific protocol in bringing His Presence to us. We think anything will do. It won’t because it will stumble. How many churches have closed? Where God is not people soon pick up this fact and leave. 

Let us be like Obed Edom and treasure Him and fear Him.

In Acts 19 we see the 7 sons of Sceva trying to expel demons without personal holiness that brings authority in the spiritual. They though by a strange practice that they could exercise authority through someone else ‘s name. Many mistake the Name of Jesus as giving them authority. It does not. What gives authority is personal holiness.  

Hence the demons said they knew them not and tore their clothes and left them bleeding.

Today if you do not live in personal holiness the Name of Jesus will not release people and your life. 

This message is a wake up call. We need to go back as David did and see that there are everlasting ordinances that even in Christ need to continue. There is a priesthood that needs to be respected and reapproached because there is a Levitical order which means they must demonstrate that Glory which God bestowed on them in Moses and completed in Jesus Ascension. Ephesians 4.

The fact that meetings are becoming more platform based with songs and preach in my view of scripture is not the pattern God sets out. We need to see the Ecclesia is the invisible Tabernacle. We need to study the Tabernacle of Moses and of David.

We need to study the Dedication of the Temple and how Solomon obeyed the pattern God gave to David. How God responded to the covenant Solomon made. The approval by fire and Glory.

Does God approve of our “altar”?

We must examine our fire, our attempts and our practices and see if God is in them.


3 thoughts on “Strange Fire, Strange Attempt, Strange practice 

  1. Uma visão.profética muito forte sobre o que chamo de antropolatrismo levídico. Tudo é feito de qualquer jeito mesmo, perdeu se o temor por Deus
    Mas sobretudo vivemos uma era em que o homem é o Senhor de si mesmo, o homem é um semi deus, como tal a vontade dele é a vontade do Senhor. Dentro deste descalábrio espiritual de falsos profetas, de falsos pastores semi deuses parece que o Deus tem obrigação de glorificar a estes homens. Entramos num tempo em que como Foi com Elias, o Senhor vai lançar FOGO do céu e vai queimar todobo pecado. A Glória do Único Deus será manifestada pelo Fogo.

  2. FINALLY!!! AMEN!!! There are many points covered that are so relevant to comment on: But, I am going to just select one. No we are no longer required to sacrifice spotless animals but we are required to die daily to our flesh helping to enable us to be an effective container of the Holy Spirit. He is no longer kept in a box (ark) and He searches the earth to find those whose hearts are right before Him… I must stop here or I will be commenting till tomorrow………. Thank you for sharing this timely word. The very things you are covering here represents a deep longing of the Fathers’ heart … and more than ever in this hour! For more than 15 years this has been one of the top intercessory prayer objectives God has burned within me. How refreshing to see it coming from another believer! GLORY!!!

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