Extending the Sceptre

We are in a period in the Jewish Calendar where Purim is celebrated. We remember the murderous plot by Haman to murder God’s people in Captivity. 

It is the most famous statement by Esther’s  uncle Mordecai. “Who knows if you are called for such a time as this. “

Mordecai warns Esther that if she does not grasp the meaning of the plan of God in her life then she would miss a great divine opportunity. Today is to ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you to grasp the significance of where you are is strategic in God’s plan. God does not depend on us. He could raise up someone else. 

Let us be those who understand where we are called and why we are called.

Queen Esther knew that to speak to the king she would need favour from God because there were protocols in place for her to appear before him.

How many times we find ourselves in government places waiting on God to release to us what we need but all the protocol baffles us? But God has favour to suspend the protocol in place. If it is a visa you are waiting for to enter a nation or a house you are buying for a project for God then He will give you favour to get you where you need to be.

Esther understood that God needed to act on her behalf. If she did not have His favour she could have died by the kings wrath in appearing in the courts at the wrong time.

However when the king sees her his heart is drawn toward her. He extends His Sceptre and gives her a “spiritual blank cheque”. Anything she could ask for she would be granted..

God today is extending to you His Sceptre and says to you to ask of Him and He shall grant it. May we ask for that which is for His Purposes!

As for Haman who made gallows for Mordecai was hung from them. Jesus was nailed to the Cross so that our “Haman” will hang on gallows for all eternity.

May we remember Esther and her role and her devotion to God which saved a nation. 

Many times I get stories of people who live in Israel who live day by day listening to God and they were saved from danger and death by obeying His Voice. 

May we grasp every God given opportunity today. 


Personal: We are seeing God opening spiritual doors.  Stay tuned to our site and the current news. 

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Keep in tune!!!

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