Judgment on Leaders, scattering of nation, a little sanctuary, the glory Removed

Ezekiel 11.

The Lord visited me the other day with a declaration; they say this city is a melting pot! 

I instantly knew the chapter. 

The Lord spoke to me as I read it. I saw exactly the steps of the passage. 

God will confront leadership

The Lord exposed the “Things which come to your mind “, the thought processes of those who were in leadership of Jersualem and Zion. They had given such counsel that brought death within the city. They had slain the inhabitants. 

Today we need to be careful that our counsel, our mindset brings life and that what we execute as leaders be that which brings life. Because if we have hidden agendas and human Wisdom we are bringing death! As leaders and ministers our counsel and agenda should be birthed in the Spirit. 

The penalty for this leadership of 25 was the sword. In what the Lord is showing me this Day is that He is dispatching an angel with the sword of the Word of God to expose the hidden agendas of the heart. And who cries to God for mercy Shall be saved. Who does not shall lose their influence. 

For me this is Word that strikes in me Holy reverence. Awe. Respect. 

I am not speaking to one minister; nor any Church in particular I am simply giving you His Message. 

Scattering of the Saints

The result of this judgment on the leadership is a scattering that takes place. The people are scattered all over the world. I have seen churches where this has taken place. The members start leaving. 

God promises to be their sanctuary wherever they be. He gives them place to meet Him. You may be in a place of scattering without a place to fellowship at this moment but He shall be your sanctuary! 

He shall Gather you 

As you enjoy His Sanctuary amongst you so He shall fill you with vision and you shall see again Zion. God will say He shall bring you to the place of fullness.  You shall be gathered by Him. 

A New Heart

You see much hard heartedness in many places but there is nothing more effective than God dealing with us in the place of disconnect and marginalization because we are foreigners of a land not our own. He will do a heart transplant on us. He shall give us a new heart to know Him! 

The purpose is to walk in His statutes , keep the ordinances, and be His People. 

Removal of His Glory

I was in Nottingham and was amazed by how many Churches were lined by the main road. 

God desires to inhabit those communities. 

God will remove and has removed His Glory.

He will take up His angels and leave places where people claim to hear God and their counsel wounds and abuses people. Where His Glory is not there is no spiritual life. 

We need to note that the glory was not removed in one act. It was phased 3 times. It removed in phases. That is because He is slow to anger. He is ever merciful. He will not do things in one go. He always waits for repentance. 

We need to recover our fear and repent and come to Him as leaders to give counsel and have vision from Him that does not promote self but draw us all to see God in His Glory!


One thought on “Judgment on Leaders, scattering of nation, a little sanctuary, the glory Removed

  1. This is a timely word in due season. I too have witnessed this. Amen, to come to a place that we no longer grasp the importance of allowing God to be God in every area of our lives we risk falling into dangerous waters and falling ourselves.

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