Walking into the miraculous Special Post




Matthew 14:25-31

This is going to be a short post as this is what the Lord has given. We won’t study, but it will simply be declared.

If it is declared, like when God said “LET THERE BE LIGHT” there was light.

The Lord is inviting His people to walk in His dimension. Jesus is walking over nature, is walking over the waves. The Lord Jesus is walking in the realm where natural processes are suspended in favour of Kingdom objectives. My people are weary because they see their circumstances wear them down that they will not walk over water but will swim. The Lord says “Come”. 

The Lord makes an invitation…Come to where I am. Come into the dimension where the impossible takes place, and where you can walk. The question was “If it is you, command me to go to you.” 

Jesus is coming to us…today He is coming to us OVER the water. He is coming to us in a new dimension. 


What will it take for us to go out to Him. Step out of our boat of comfort, our boat of small thinking. We must step out into the realm where Jesus is.

So once we step out, we are walking, we must have only one focus: Jesus. 

There are so much distraction, confusion and winds. The Lord says if you want to walk with me in the miraculous, I must be your focus. Your only focus.

In this dimension I walk in, no waves, no sea stop me walking, and getting to where I need to be. Open your heart and mind because Jesus invites you to come into a new place in Him.


Receive this word for yourself today. 


One thought on “Walking into the miraculous Special Post

  1. Amen! It is the hour for us to walk , for we have fully known and are persauded of Christs all in all to us. Knowing that their are no answers ever to come by our own will.

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