Evidence of Substance part 2: dealing with bad experiences

All of us have stories of bad experiences in Church or Ministry. 


Those experiences are sometimes traumatic and bitter. They can determine how we view people and God.

Romans 8:28 is a key for this post. All things work.

So in the negative all things can work for our evil. However because we are called to a PURPOSE that cancels out the evil workings so ALL THINGS will work together for our GOOD.

Our expectation is to be grounded not in empty triumphalism but a grounded realism.

I will have all which is sufficient to live and fulfil the Purpose of God.
I will have sufficient knowledge and wisdom to face bad experiences and understand their purpose and overcome them.
I will depend on the strength to complete and carry out God’s plans
I will have the wisdom NOT to place upon people the same kind of trust that I place upon God.

Therefore our faith must be founded in consistency with our purpose.

How do we find our purpose?

Our purpose is in the revelation of His Will and the manifestation of it when we apply it.

Bad experiences and losses happen. But when we are grounded by the objectivity of divine revelation that comes to us externally we overcome!

We cannot be deceived: it is a process.


One which we will go from faith to faith and glory to glory.

Our substance is a personal covenant. Our evidence is that our lives despite the trials still follow a purpose not with blind ignorance but with objective and real faith that embraces negative circumstances and reads purpose in them.


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