The Evidence of the Substance is the substance of the evidence


The over emphasis on experiences is what causes many charismatic churches fall into excesses and going off on tangents.

But we cannot also have a solely rational relationship with our faith.

Two extremes exist today and that is rationality and experience feeling based faith.

Our faith must follow the Hebrews 11 pattern.

Now faith is….so Hebrews 11 defines well what is faith.
Now faith is the evidence of what is hoped for…hope is an ingredient of faith. Without hope there can be no faith.

Is the substance of what is unseen…what is unseen has no visible substance. Therefore there must be a substance that comes from another realm. 

At times we can teach faith as a principle but without a relational ingredient it cannot work. The relational interaction gives us the substance. 

Today’s challenge is that we know we have faith that we have touched what we hope for and we have a substance of something that is still unseen.

Our walk with God like with the examples of Enoch and the ancients shows us the patience and depth of their faith.

They simply rejected what the world told them and what their senses detected.  They opted to relate with Someone unseen because of this fallen world the interaction between this physical realm and spiritual realm are working at times contrary to each other. Only by faith do we unify the realms to access God’s hope and God’s substance. 

Therefore nothing opens up more the spiritual activity and angelic Ministry than faith. Our lack of faith causes us to depend on circumstances. Faith translates us to a level of living that what God says is more real than our idle defeatist words we sometimes proffer.

It is time to ask God for hope. It will come in the form of a personal covenant. This covenant is brought to us through Christ.  But it is not a general covenant.  It is a specific state of being that flows out to fulfil a divine objective, to redeem all things into Him, for Him and by Him.

It is time to believe in that which is shown to us but is yet unseen.  To forsake the dependence on our perceptions which our natural senses tell us. It seems what we think shapes the type of mentality we embrace and the mentality shapes the destiny we walk in.

Hebrews 2 says that all things are subject unto Christ but we don’t yet see them subject! We are presented with a contradiction.


But then the Scripture justifies the statement with an example.. but we see Jesus. His life and mission in phases and different realms.

We see Jesus through His life and resurrection and the path we must take and then His Right Hand Ministry through the Church. 

It might seem quite confusing right now but once you see Jesus moving through the generations fulfilling an eternal objective we see more and more the coming not in terms of years and times but the signs are in the generation.  A generation that receives Him bodily in an opposite way to Enoch…in that he was so taken up in God that he was no more that we are so taken up in Him that He comes from the unseen to us.

So faith is the Now Hope. It is Him establishing Himself in us day by day. The evidence of hope. And the substance of the fulness of what is unseen becoming manifest in our Hearts, until the whole world sees.

I am not sure how it will be. But I know it will be visible to all.

The central crux of faith is not its POWER but it’s PERSON. And whilst the “faith” teachers have blessed us in many seasons we have got hold of their teaching and forgot to place not the POWER OF FAITH as a central pursuit but the PERSON OF FAITH.

As scripture points out in Hebrews that He is the author and finisher of faith.

If He is the origin and finisher then He is the all…


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