The Evidence of Substance

Hebrews 11

The opening verse of Hebrews 11 means that faith is not some principle that cannot be proved.

But to prove and give consistency and substance without using subjective Testimony as proof only is somewhat lacking in the church.

When I was ministering in several churches it seemed that pastors favoured more the preaching of a “needs met” based Gospel in which the message was geared at solely seeing people’s emotional or material needs met. This means that their knowledge of the Bible; contextual; historical and prophetic exposition was almost non existent.

It seems that believers are pressed into a work based lifestyle in which there is no time for anything else. Hence the weakness in defending their reasons for believing in Christ.

The writer in Hebrews says that faith is the fabric by which the universe operates. But to study and understand how it operates we need to have a objective view of it from a scientific and historical point of view. The subjective experience must come to substantiate a personal application of the objective operation of faith. Faith without personal application  of the author of faith means we reduce the concept of faith to being a force.

As this is not the case the author of faith; or rather the SOURCE of faith is Christ. Therefore once Persuaded by an operation of Christ Himself to enlighten the understanding the subjective experience manifests the core objective principles of faith.

All this to say that faith can be verified. What we do at times is use personal argument to “prove” our faith. This alone will not convince. In a world of technology and liberal thinking our argument must depend on the substance of the same and the ability to convince through a objective and intelligent argument. 

I believe we need to assert ourselves in the ability to defend our faith. At times we fail because our faith has only reached our emotions and not our thinking. 

Divine wisdom does not come to those who are psychologically deafened by the world’s mindset.



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