The Reason for the Season part 2; Biblical meaning of “Consolation”

We examine the real meaning of Christmas by examining the backdrop to the Christmas story.


The Theme of Luke 2 resides in an interesting phrase; ” to them that waited for the Consolation of Israel

The meaning has somewhat been lost. We see Consolation as a mere cheering up from a deep grieving or sadness. 

However the Bible goes out if it’s way to explain that Consolation is far more than this.


Consolation is demonstrated in the lives of two men whose very name means “Consolation” . Noah and Nehemiah share this significance. Their lives show the act of God in Consolation.  And for us also Jesus gave us a Consoler to do the same things.

We see that sin ravaged the earth and God sent the flood but God reserved and preserved a remnant in the ark. They became a people that God started afresh manifesting a covenant.  In Nehemiah’s case the glorious city was in ruins. He glimpsed in prayer how much the nation had fallen and how the enemy had come in to ravage.

In Consolation God allows the ending of one thing and a rebirth or a restoration under a new covenant. 

How much more when God sent His Spirit to lead SIMEON into the temple to see and touch the embodiment of that Consolation.

Jesus Himself prophesied the Consolation of Israel after the diaspora of Jews across the earth until today; and how God is drawing a people back to the land to bring in a new Kingdom.

The Christmas story is the small beginnings of Consolation.  When we know spiritually that things are at saturation and time for upheaval and broken walls precede a remnant whose reservation is to start a new thing in the earth.

Maybe we can bring it right down to ourselves. ..


In bringing it down to ourselves we know we have exhausted ourselves in our own ways; or waiting for change; waiting for the ministry God promised to manifest.  We need to sometimes be gathered into a ark; in the case of Noah or we need to survey the city; as with Nehemiah ;stay in the small houses of Jerusalem waiting whilst Romans subdue Jerusalem.

We shall see signs of God’s promises in the little things. In the case of SIMEON and Anna we see a baby.

For us to see change in our own lives we may have a Consoler dwelling in us but we need to see that at times doors close and relationships change; whatever upheaval comes to bring in a new covenant to operate among us.

The reason of this season is to bring to an end so He can bring in His New Beginning.  So that the people He prepares and reserves will await the right time and do restoring and rebuilding through their faith.


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