Saturation or Saturate Part 1 Saturation of

I was meditating upon some major “charismatic” leaders who recently have departed one section of the faith to embrace a more formal expression.  We could get into a debate the dangers of Liturgy. But I am not called to debate this right now, nor do I see the benefit.


However my meditation was interrupted by a thought that came from somewhere else.

What makes leaders of great movements of reformation to return from where they came from?

The answer is saturation. Of a negative type.

1. Saturation of human politics
Moves of God can fast become human in their daily routine.  What God started much in the Spirit becomes a case of hoping that God blesses our efforts. We make decisions that God had no part. Surely and gradually God has no part and we “go through the motions” as though we are still moving in God’s moving. The reality is that reality of God and His presence has left much time ago. 
This has personal implications because no-one can move in spiritual things in their own effort and their own mind.  It causes falling into serious sin and abuses of Biblical truth. Instead of being led we are manipulating what God should lead and pushing people where they are not called. This is politics. We have a personal agenda and Kingdom to advance.
2. Saturation of human wisdom instead of revelation
This means that we no longer have revelation given to us to influence our thinking to God’s type of thinking. We now base our faith in what we think naturally.  Paul says the natural mind is at enmity with God. It has no similarity with God’s wisdom which brings light and understanding.  The human understanding brings darkness. A person who for whatever reason has no revelation yearns for something and will become burned out. Will return to where they came.
3. Saturation of superficiality instead of spirituality
People are substituting personal Bible study and prayer and contemplation for short cuts to a “feel good factor”. We can sometimes base our faith by what we feel and not what eternal principles laid out in the Word. We look for an experiential based faith. This leads us to experiment and fall into deceptive dead ends which lead us to reembrace the former places we once walked.
Spirituality is not based upon experiences but our knowledge acquired of Him and our application into daily life.

When I read Facebook and other places there is a saturation taking place that in some part is a global apostasy.  The disciplines of a spiritual life are being substituted with practices which bring that “high” that is craved.

We need to de-saturate to saturate ourselves afresh. Let us enter into that pursuit.


Personal word: we need your prayers as our need for housing continues to be a major factor of our lives right now. We ask that you pray for us to find housing and that God releases the finance for it.
If anyone feels guided to sow into our ministry please do so through PayPal on address. That way you will be investing in the Kingdom for which we seek to serve. We ask your feedback and your holy gifts.

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