Holding the arms of Victory

The battle raged in the valley and Moses had his arms raised in prayer and praise. While ever his arms pointed to heaven and upward so Joshua had the victory over the enemy. 

But Moses began to tire and his arms began to lower. And the effect was that the enemy began to prevail against Joshua. So Aaron and his brother held up the arms and the battle was won.

We are needing those helping hands right now with our housing issue. We are trying to secure a property and need the arms of friends who can pray and sow into our victory.  We need to put down payments in the order of £3000 and our limited income and our health issues with our daughter and son make it very heavy.  We ask you hold up our arms today that our son Joshua has a new home. He is only 14 and has many health issues.  Our daughter Nisia needs also a home and stability.

If you sense God guide you to sow please use PayPal and the address russelldurose@yahoo.com.  I do not normally need to make these kind of requests but we need to be out of the property before 9th June. This is just 2 weeks away.

We would be classed as homeless after that date. However we as believers,  Kings and priests of the Living God will not be in that position.

Send feedback and your prayers. Bless you.


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