Saturation or Saturate Part 2: Saturate with

Yesterday we saw one of the reasons why many reformers end up returning to the structures they reformed against.  It is a decline in the Presence of God in their lives and ministries that opens the door to deception and eventually apostasy.
Today we are going to change it from saturation of to saturate with.

The lack of the centrality of discipline and meditation in the Word brings us into  danger in not being able to recognise deception. If we are seeking experiences above establishing disciplines we are on that “sensual” path.
The word “sensual ” has little to do with a sexual connotation. It has all to do with living with our “senses” in the driving seat of our faith. Once we acquaint “anointing” with goosebumps then we are on our way to deception.  Deception appeals to convince our senses of an evidence that in the spirit belies a different reality.

When we saturate our lives in His Word as God commanded Joshua to meditate day and night then we can discern and distinguish between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. How do we distinguish? By immersing ourselves in the issues of the Kingdom; living in the priorities of the Kingdom; living out the attitudes of the Kingdom. Then we immediately recognise when those principles not at work in a word;  a manifestation; or in a leadership structure.

Once we developed the discipline we then can see created the capacity for impact.  The 100 year prayer movement brought the Moravians revival which impacted the Wesley brothers who in turn founded the Holiness movement.

We need the basic disciplines restored and all that distracts fall away.

May we saturate ourselves in His Word so that it makes a difference and not be just information to satisfy the mind but power to impact the spirit.


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