Let’s take a breather….

Today Benjamin Netanyahu defied all politics, with a clear message not only to the USA but to the whole world. I saw the speech and was moved to tears. Tears because politics can be such a game of manipulation and self interest, but this speech sought to touch the hearts of those who heard it.

There was talk of a massive boycott of the speech in Congress, but the house was full. The senators and members of congress stood many times in ovation to this honest Prime Minister.

It just highlights to me the indications of the kairos times we are living in. There are many believers around the world, localities and cities, some find themselves at emnity and some find themselves marginilized. Some find themselves outside of the Church for the same reasons that the Israeli PM highlights…that is radicalised religious people.

We may look to radicalized muslims, but I think the same danger is in the Church, or the congregations who would like to call themselves the Church. When we are propelled not for the leadership of the Spirit, but other aims we run the danger of become radicalized in ideas instead of passionate for the extension of the Kingdom. This is the danger today. Once the Spirit stops moving, people are so looking for something to inspire them, there are radicalisation tendencies in many places.

In the light of this, we cannot fear. Netanyahu knew his visit had caused a stir in the political establishment and not only. But he went anyway because he saw that the global good was not walking correctly in political terms.

His message was clear, showing the common heritage that Israel represents to the world. Showing the impossible task that it was to have the nation formed through the leadership of Moses. What that represents for today.

This message is prophetic…we must appeal for our heritage today…it is Hebrew. It may be that we may not fall into the Tribes of Israel, but whatever we may say the Bible is Hebrew. But the tendency is to take out this Hebrew heritage and replace it with a westernized Gospel. This is not our faith. Our faith is messianic apostolic faith. Be careful when you hear this kind of Gospel which avoids to preach about the Old Testament, refuses to recognise God’s purpose for Israel today.

This type of Gospel is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ…it is another Gospel preached by demons.

The speech today was a lesson to all of us, because it faced the enemy head on without fear. We sometimes start to advance in the things of God, and the sparks begin to fly, and we see that trouble hits our borders, we make a hasty retreat to our status quo. Therefore anyone who stays in status quo is really with Lucifer and his angels. There is no status quo with Jesus.

May this speech go down in history as laying down the Gauntlet of truth, prophecy and security in the knowledge that men may wage wars in many levels against us, we face it head on, and see the enemy routed.

I close with the scripture of James…submit unto God, resist the devil and he shall flee…the condition is our submission, which is the key to our authority.


2 thoughts on “Let’s take a breather….

  1. It was fantastic!! However, a huge number of Democrats refused to attend. If you watched closely, you could see numerous open seats in the lower/main level which is where senators and congress people are assigned to sit. The upper seats were for interested/ticketed observers and they were filled. If you watched the followup interviews and scheduled comments, you saw the truth of the congressional reaction, as the Democrats blasted the message and insulted the Prime Minister. Also, and sadly, the president’s administration was totally absent. Even the U.S. Ambassador to Israel did not attend. I have actively studied US politics for many of my 70 years, and have especially studied our presidents who ruled during my lifetime which began with Franklin D. Roosevelt and extends to Barack Obama. There were some great leaders (Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Reagan) and some weak ones (Carter,Johnson, Nixon), but easily the most destructive to this great country and the world is Obama. How I would love to see Netanyhu as president!!!Dr Will Zook

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