The Prophetic Picture; a pause for thought from our series.

The complications of this generation is relationships…the whole complexity and the changes that this brings, the moods, the attitudes…the misunderstandings, the uncomprehended motivations, the uncomprehended patience exercised, the belief in hope when there seems to be no hope is all part of a prophetic picture. This generation has been distinct above all others, prone to justify the unjustifiable, the offences that are so easily fallen into…yet is prophetic.

It is prophetic because it demonstrates the relationship between Christ and His Church, the Bride. It is so easily to discount this as mythology, wishful thinking, but there will come a day when Jesus will present the Bride before His Father, without spot or wrinkle. So as we go into the future, may we always remember this prophetic picture, that no relationship how complex, how problematic can survive the glory of God without every spot and wrinkle disappearing, and it disappears why…?


Because it realises that the agape love was constant, and undeserving yet was given throughout…that realisation affords every surrender, affords every submission, because our destiny is Union with Him who is longsuffering…with our indifference…loving with our hate…and patient with our attitude…so I put it to you…if we do as Christ, no friendship, no marriage, no family will fail…but will fulfil its preordained destiny!!!!!!!!!!

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