The REAL story of Christmas Part 7: The Invitation to touch and see

This will be the last message of Christmas. Not that Christmas is over but because when the Spirit births messages we know when to stop a theme.


The culmination of the Christmas story is obviously the birth of Yeshua. But around this birth it seems that God selected those to witness and touch the Saviour.
The shepherd’s were visited by angels.
The wise men were led by a star.
Anna and Simeon were led by the Spirit to the temple.
God leads in different ways.
God reveals in different ways.
What is important is that God selected those to be the spectator of the greatest event of all time.

God is preparing a new event. He is inviting us to not just be spectators but part of a multitude which will come with Christ to the earth. This select group is not to spectate but be part of wrapping up the age but bring in the New Heaven and Earth.

No longer will it be a babe. But a King.


But to be part of this group we need to have overcome. We need to have persevered through every obstacle.

God lays at our door the invitation to be part of His Coming. It is not just a physical coming. It is spiritual. His Holy Spirit wants to be UPON US,to REVEAL to us,so that with this fresh REVELATION we are led to the clearest REVELATION of Christ Himself.


Russell A Durose
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