Personal Reflection of 2014

If anything characterises this year is:

For I know the plans I have for you,they are plans not to harm you but to prosper you and give you a hope.

This verse spoke to me this year. It spoke because it is set against the context of great difficulty. It is set against great changes where what we sometimes take for granted gets changed drastically.

This year is summed up through this picture too:


The reason this picture is SIGNIFICANT was that I took the family to Weymouth and from there many changes took place.

It has not been an easy year. But despite the difficulties I had a anchor of hope. The hope rests in the absolute truth that God is good. I do not understand everything but I trust that in the darkness where there is a lack of vision He can bring a light, where there is pain,there can be His Relief.

2014 can be characterised by a year of OVERCOMING AND PREVAILING to stay with our spirit right and sweet.

So for 2015? I have no doubt more difficulties await. But am certain that many victories from the PREVAILING also come. We are advancing to start registration of our new ministry Zion Ministry Network,pastoring and discipling leaders. Knowing the struggles of their daily trek toward the fulfillment of their call.

I have had many messages on this site also published and God is in small but very sure and purposeful steps getting us to reach ministries who are not cared for.


The Lord has also provided a web platform to reach others with RESOURCING MINISTRY. This means equipping through inspirational messages and teachings which can lift from the mundane to the celestial skies to which heavy ministry and problems can make us lose sight of our call.

We also have our interactive network where I am constantly dialoging and interacting on a daily basis.

Also God gave me a vision of a prophetic manual to which we would comprehensively give systematic teaching into true prophetic levels which are Biblical not mystical.


We believe not that 2015 is to be the blast toward year. But it will be a solid approach at putting the first layers of the walls on a firm foundation.

If you are interested in:
1. Belonging to our network
2. Supporting our ministry
Write to me on

Happy New Year.

Russell A Durose
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