The REAL story of Christmas Part 6: Small beginnings bring eternal changes

I am not a proponent of the world’s interpretation of Christmas nor the traditional stories. We can only go on the scriptures to know. We have made a cave into a stable,3 wise men in 3 kings. Many things have been distorted or even added.

But nothing changes the fact that Yeshua was born into the world. The LOGOS became flesh.

Or rather what God the Father in all His intentions made them come to life in Yeshua.

All great things start in small beginnings.


There is a need for us to see change. Change comes in processes. Jesus grew up from a baby to a man. How much more us. We must not only return to the Word but we must go to the original languages. The Greek of the New and Hebrew of the old. A lot of theology or exposition of Bible truth is based upon our two dimensional understanding of scripture. If we study the original interlinear we come to see that our understanding got many things completely upside down.

All this to say; we need a change of heart. Churches need to stop merchandising a borrowed worn tradition and approach anew the scriptures.

The Christmas story does not last 2 days. More like 2 and a half years. Jesus (Yeshua) was born either in a cave or some stone outhouse. Not a stable. Not in the sense we grew up to believe.


Once we delve into the depths of the original texts we see how much more richer we embrace.

Christmas is about Change. Christmas is about God coming to live amongst us. How much more this is needed today!

May we take off,throw off,the traditional things we were taught which have nothing to do with the REAL story!


Russell A Durose
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