Isaiah 49:8 Part One: In the time of Favour I shall answer you.


In this new series of messages, which I preached part of it yesterday in the Church, I have received this message as a prophetic message. That is simply, I believe it to be God’s word for this moment. That is, when we preach what we believe to be what God is speaking now, it means we must EXPECT it to be ACCOMPANIED with signs FOLLOWING. This is the problem today we HEAR but we do NOT EXPECT. This is a serious loss to our faith. That is we stay on the intellectual level without experiencing the PRACTICAL EXPERIENTIAL LEVEL. 



Let us dive straight in. 

The Lord has come to declare a new SEASON. I interpret this as being that ONE WAY God deals with us, has ended, and now we go onto new experiences with God, we receive a new warmth, a bit like the first sunshine of spring, that the cold and hardness of winter has passed, and now new gentle breezes are coming, and we PERCEIVE THAT THE SEASON HAS CHANGED. 

I speak from personal experience that the last season up till quite recently has been a hard season, where I have had to focus more on personal issues rather than some issues I would love to look at. Some projects, aspirations had to stay on the back burner, but now I sense God blowing a wind in a new direction. That wind is not a wind that sways the trees, rather it is a gentle breeze, coming off the sea…



When the new breeze of spring, warm and gentle, we have the notion that a new time has come, where we can ENJOY GOD, as we enjoy summer, depicted in the picture above. We see the beach, we see the notion of a leisure and pleasurable activity. So it is with God, new things will involve us in new activities that will give us joy. 

So in this time what is the overriding season God is announcing? It is of favour!

Favour comes from God, it speaks of

1. Relationship with God, as sons, depicting a intimacy and a privileged position, being manifest in every day life.

2. Advantage that we know ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR OUR GOOD. Romans 8.28

3. New doors open

4. Clarity of vision and the Voice of God. 

What happens when God brings us into Favour? 

We begin to have clarity in the answer of God. Because it is in the SEASON OF FAVOUR God begins to speak deeply with us. Bringing us into clarity of the SEASON WE WERE IN CORPORATELY AND WHERE WE ARE GOING. 

It means that the problems, situations which had our attention in the last season, God will resolve, heal and provide for, bringing us into a consciousness that God REALLY CARES AND LOVES US. 

That is what I have come to announce to you today, that the hard lesson time has come to an end, now SPRING in your spirit has come. The dark days , when we are shut in with God, learning, and trusting, are being changed as He takes us out in the beautiful fields and takes us out in the sunshine, where our spirit is lifted and we understand. 




So enjoy, for the clouds and the rain have passed. The root work has now become leaves and blossom as new breezes blow over you, and you rest in that new warmth. This is that new season of Isaiah 49:8. 



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