Isaiah 49:8 Part 2 In the day of salvation I will help you

We are living in the day of salvation through Christ. There on the cross all emnity and curse was broken, we now qualify for the help of the Lord.


So what help?
1. Spiritual: we are taken out of darkness, forgiven, and adopted as sons in Christ.
2. Physical: we are healed and delivered,  and provided for through the covenant of Blood.

The help we need is guaranteed because of Christ. God the Father has high regard for His Son, and through His son’s faultless life and vicarious death stays registered in heaven our entry, position through Christ.

When you consider the lengths that God went to secure this DAY of salvation indicates the regard God has for our faith, our prayers.

God guarantees all that we ask in Jesus Name in the basis of the Blood is secured to be answered. 

How much sickness and poverty is admitted in our home because we look at the Word through human eyes?

I am not advocating prosperity or hyper faith, but if I see the lengths Jesus went to die for us, to save us, that salvation must count to cause us to live under the protection and provision of God.

The question therefore is: are we living to the fullness of that covenant?  Or have we embraced the lies of tradition and the enemy?

God has sent Jesus to give us LIFE and life to the full.


So salvation is the final condition of being saved. It is a present continual condition.

I ask you what are you being saved from today?

Our homes need to be different where;
1. Peace
2. JOY

If this is not a reality then we are living below the standard that Jesus ordained for us.

We need to ask God to reveal to us the truth as there is a enemy who comes to rob us. He robbed mankind in the beginning of perfection because he knows how. Do not allow this today.

Salvation is unlimitted in God’s generosity, as the pain was so deep and the sacrifice so great, is it not logical to assume that the sacrifice afforded secured something so great?


Therefore as we have established, salvation goes a lot further than mere forgiveness!!!

When we consider that Joshua was shown in Joshua 1 his inheritance, the extent of his territory, but Joshua did not take all that God gave him. These places became bastions of many enemies.

God wants you to take the city of fear with faith, city of sickness with healing, city of sadness with joy.

The Lord is giving me so many examples here.

We read in 2Kings 7 about a city surrounded by enemies, God made the enemy run from the place leaving all their provisions.  4 Lepers were outside a city who went over to the enemy camp because they were starving. The city also was starving to the point that they were about to eat each other.

In going over to the camp they perceived the provision God secured. How much more us!!! The enemy surrounds us with false doctrines and lies whilst immense blessing is outside. 

Let us today receive His Prophetic word, He declares a DAY, today, now, a day of victory, of health. All we need to do is believe and open our eyes.


Let us rejoice! Let us believe that OUR deliverance, provision has already come. We are only waiting for it to manifest. And our faith makes it manifest.


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