Enter into My Rest: Hebrews 4

3) For we who have believed do enter into that rest, even as he has said, “As I swore in my wrath, they will not enter into my rest;” although the works were finished from the foundation of the world.
This verse of Hebrews is a powerful demonstration of what God has for us. It is a verse I want to concentrate on, not to take out of its context but it be a window on the Purpose of God in Christ for us. There are some key words I want to focus on here
1. Believe: Pistoyoo; to have faith in. Here the gateway to God’s Rest is believe. The Israelites in Numbers 14 showed they did not believe for they saw a different vision. Joshua and Caleb saw possibilities, the rest saw impossibilities. Caleb and Joshua saw capacity, the others saw weakness. Caleb and Joshua saw fruit, the others saw giants and walls. When one opts to see the negative rather than that which God has planned and incite others into unbelief and stumbling then God excludes, forgives but excludes from the fullness. How many times we live below the standard set for us by God. Our entry point is FAITH. Our faith comes when we walk in intimacy with God.
2. Rest: katapowsis : abode, repose. God had a PLACE for the Israelites; an abode. A pleasant place. In the desert they learned to live in God’s order of Priesthood, Community. This was to train them to be a model society in the ABODE God was giving to them. God gave them the LAW. A lasting covenant for them to live by.
God has an ABODE for us, first in this life as cited by John 10:10, Jesus came to bring us Life. Living to the full. But He came to bring us a LAW. This is found in Romans 8. The LAW through living in the Spirit. Living in the Spirit has an abode; called the KINGDOM of God. Where peace and Joy can be found in the Holy Spirit! These characteristics are seen in those WHO enter into the ABODE by FAITH through the POWER of the Spirit poured out on all those who profess Jesus as THEIR LORD. We do not live any more than people think in some vague Gospel. We too like ISRAEL have “laws” and structures in place which establish priesthood and community. It is this training we are having now before we enter into the fullness of our REST: new earth and new heaven.
3. Works were finished: all works, all feats, events have been FINISHED. When you consider the vision of Moses on the Mountain of the Tabernacle, David’s vision for Zion, Abraham’s vision for a city, they are seen in their FINISHED state. They are seen in the perspective from WHERE God is seeing.
Now this is revolutionary from a point of view that many seem to be made ignorant and pushed around by Satan, to believing how easy God’s plans are thwarted. They are not, because they are ETERNAL, and we have to enter this dimension through consistent faith. This faith is not in acquisition, but it is in the unchangeable nature of God; that HE CANNOT lie. So to come above the clouds of satanic confusion and deception we must come to Him and His Word to know that His Plans for us have already been FINISHED before anything was created. Therefore we must by the Spirit enter that FINISHED abode to where we see what is COMPLETE and discern how we walk each day to it!!!
It is the lack of this vision that God was provoked to wrath by the Israelites because they saw God’s plan very hit and miss. It is not. There is an exact place, abode that God is taking you to, and nothing that which is FINISHED can be thwarted.

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