I hear the sound of rain Part 3: 7 steps of Elijah’s prayer for rain.

The Lord showed me the 7 stages of prayer of Elijah.

1. Realization: right season.
2. Repentance: starting the dialogue.
3. Repositioning: adjusting the position.
4. Restoring: the altar.
5. Reaffirming: the covenant.
6. Refining: the fire.
7. Revive: our love and our allegiance.

The Lord, in the midst of appointments has brought me to look as to why Elijah had to pray 7 times before the manifestation of rain. Above there are 7 R’s which show us what we need to transition into in our prayer life.
Our first base in prayer must be a realization! A realization of where we are. Where we have come! The most important realization is knowing that my lack of “Basis” with God affects the spiritual community! All known revivals started with this realization, our apathy and wrong application of scripture brings us into a false sense of security.

How many of us are sick? How many of us have relational breakdowns and upheavals. God is permitting these to woo us back to Him.

Once we come to realization we can come to Repentance where we totally commit ourselves to realignment to God’s active sovereignty over our lives.  This is not just saying sorry, it is applying covenant over our weaknesses to access grace.
Then we are repositioned in attitudes and direction because our attitudes shape our mentality toward spiritual decisions and directions. Once we are repositioned doors in the Spirit open up.

The altar needs Restoring. Our remembrance of God’s covenants and promises to us come with conditions so we must remember that the place where we restore and fulfil those conditions is a personal application of the Cross of Jesus and His Blood. As we do this we are Restoring the altar. It is a place of covenantal dialogue.

We must then go through Reaffirming the covenant of Jesus into our lives. This means once we access and walk in that Grace we fulfil its conditions and God flows to us bringing us into His Destiny for us!

In Levitical times in the OT we see the vessels for the Tabernacle consecrated through fire. How much more God comes with fire as we fulfil the conditions. We are then prepared. The fire us not the finality, it is a preparation for Glory! You may doubt the veracity of this concept, but go to 2 Chronicles 7 and you will see it. The fire comes DOWN first, then the glory FILLED the Temple! The fire comes from heaven and the glory fills. This is Refining.

Once we have gone through Refining He will come to Revive. This means once the inner place of our hearts has been completed so He will reveal this to the lost! This means the lost are confronted with the uncommon reality of the Gospel. They are convicted and saved as a result!

May we “Pray” 7 times so that rain falls on our land!


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