I hear the sound of rain part 2: hearing

“He that has ears to hear, hear what the Spirit says: ” Revelation.

Hearing is a vital part of any communication process. The more we start to not only hear with our ears, and comprehend with our hearts maybe a major part of relational problems today will be resolved. How much more in the spiritual!

We are studying 1 Kings 18 about the sound of rain that Elijah heard. This can be applied to today. God wants to send revival on a parched land of our lives!

1. To hear from God we must be committed to His Word and be acquainted with His ways.
2. We must discern and distinguish between other voices that are opposed to God’s Word.
3. We must abandon affections which can affect our hearing.

We must hear:

1. The season
2. The strategy
3. The Spirit

It is urgent that we hear. How do we prepare?

1. Forsake
2. Forbid
3. Forerun
4. Foretaste

We must forsake the world, forbid the flesh, Forerun a generation, and Foretaste heaven.

Without this preparation revival cannot come.


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