I Hear the Sound of Rain part 4: God will sow

We saw the reason why Elijah prayed seven times before rain came. The Lord led me to look up the meaning of Jezreel.

It means: The Lord will Sow.

Right now in the context of what just happened with the rain storm, God was to germinate many of the “Seeds” left dormant in the famine.

In a time of “Spiritual Famine” we see no growth, nothing new. Until we fulfil specific spiritual conditions.

Not that we ever become 100% theologically sound, but right now a debate rages concerning the wide range of freedom that is coming to some regarding the realization of GRACE in our lives. Some see this revelation as “Being a Pretext” for sin. I believe that God will restore our understanding about Grace but He balances out this freedom within parameters which the Bible sets out. We cannot put too much emphasis on conditions to God’s promises being religiously attained by good behaviour or the working up of a decision but that grace causes us to flow into attainment.

When we come into a season of new rains, God will begin to Sow seeds of love and joy, of ministry and creativity to grow quickly in a revived land.

The Lord sows, and what He sows is His Word. And what He sows He secures a 100% return. The fruit attained is a massive multiplication ratio. This means at some point in our Christian lives we get seed time and harvest running simultaneously and we live in constant fellowship and prosperity of sufficiency.

When the Lord sows He starts off a new process which provides what we need on every level.

For this reason strategically Jezreel features for a purpose.


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