The Wilderness: part 2 greatest preparation John the Baptist

When we consider the wilderness, we must consider the greatest task undertaken there which was preparing the way of the Lord.

Luke 3:4 LEB

as it is written in the book of the words of the prophet Isaiah,
“The voice of one crying out in the wilderness, to prepare the way of the Lord, making paths straight!
Every valley will be filled,
and every mountain and hill will be leveled,
and the crooked will become straight,
and the rough road will become smooth

This is the greatest prophetic Scripture we can see.
There are several things we need to see here:
1. A voice: God uses the wilderness to raise up a prophetic voice.
2. Crying out: it was no ordinary voice but had a resonance which was different.
3. To prepare: we cannot prepare without being prepared first.
4. The way: a new season, dispensation. The Lord was about to reveal a new way of righteousness. Romans 10:3. God’s ways are not our ways. Isaiah 55.
5. Of the Lord: Jesus is to be revealed. His way is the only way to access covenant and fellowship with God.

When we consider that all went out to John in the wilderness reveals who and what those people were. They departed from the routine of spiritual life because they heard a new resonance in their spirit. They were led to John and repented and received Jesus in turn.

So what we see is that the routine, the voice of the majority misses the preparation to a new turning of the tide because who is in the wilderness is trained in the purity of God’s voice. Oh how we should separate ourselves also!

The voice of God and discerning the times is not heard in our modern agendas. We must sometimes suffer the setting apart. We speak so grandiously of the setting apart, but is radical. Once we begin to talk and walk the walk many will turn from being friends and we are isolated. Rejoice because God is bringing us to Himself!

So prophetically let us be forerunners who prefer the cocoa beans to the fine fare. Let us prepare ourselves to love the sand than our sofas!

Let us prepare for Jesus next coming! This will require our voices to be tuned to a new sound and where those who seek may hear a new vibration!

The wilderness set us to bring an impact, we leave to affect what we left behind.

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