The Cyprus Precedent

Will take a little break, as I am in meetings, yet dealing with the consequences of the Cyprus crisis.

Let us look at the synopsis of the crisis.
1. Cyprus is in dire financial trouble. They have a sovereign debt of €10 billion. This island is a fiscal financial paradise. The writing is on the wall.
2. The government rejected an EU bailout plan. It would mean INVADING every bank account on the island with a tax of 10% on all balances.
3. As a result of parliamentary rejection of the plan from the EU the ECB pulled the plug on cash going to the island. The banks are closed and ATM machines are empty.
4. Noone who has their finances based on the island can get access to cash. Even those who have foreign cash can exchange because cash is scarce.
5. If by Monday there is no deal the banks will all go bankrupt. As will the island forcing an exit from the EU.

There are worrying trends coming out of this crisis:
A) a violation of sovereignty in the name of finances
B) forcing the will of the EU over the will of people and Parliament.
C) adhering to the EU is synonymous of Losing sovereignty in return for cash.
D) countries are run from a financial standpoint not a social model.

I can see that this is a “Managed” crisis to force a response that furthers the EU agenda. This means that the EU is purposely engineering the outcome. Cyprus for survival will bow down to a federal agenda for cash, subjecting its population to 10 years of austerity where it’s people will be subject to oppression. Is this the bedrock of democracy? No!

A worrying state of affairs, when social needs are replaced by economic demands!!

Let us pray for Cyprus and the economic situation affecting British ex pats.

Let us keep
Watch on the situation.

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