The Wilderness: part 1 A necessary preparation

Today we are starting a new series of posts concerning the WILDERNESS.

A friend of mine, prophetic teacher from Califórnia, Al Houghton, said: today people want power of covenant without the price of preparation.

That is why the wilderness plays such a part of Scripture. It is where the school of the Spirit is. I do not think any true man of God can do anything significant for God without passing through a season in the wilderness.

Abraham was promised the land, was commanded to go its length and breadth yet it would take 4 generations to possess.

Jacob spent 21 years displaced from his promise and only when he arrived at becoming Israel did he come into His promise.

Joseph spent 13 years in slavery and prison before moving into his destiny.

Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness unlearning the ways of Egypt and coming to know Yahweh. What God did with a broken man tells you what God has to break us away from. How long it takes depend on us and the corporate season. When God called Moses the children of Israel were crying out. Timing is precise.

David spent years waiting for the throne. It depended on the nation recognizing their need for a righteous and God chosen king. Saul was God’s response to their cry. David was the people’s response for God’s cry.

All this to say God is in no hurry. It also does not depend on us, but the time being right corporately.

Are we willing to wait? That is the entry point to the wilderness: laying down our agenda.

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