Way forward: personal message

I am away on business matters at the moment. We would like some feedback on our messages here on this site. We want to gauge who you are. We want to know where you’re coming from.
Right now this Blog is two years in publishing various prophetic messages. That is the nature of the ministry God gave us to be. The Blog us transitional being that it discerns the times and seasons without losing sight of the Word.
We are at the moment starting a new Christian business, constructing a Christian teaching resource, online presence. A new site will appear on the NET which God spoke to me precisely today. The Lord has put a passion on my heart that the Church local is only as deep as the flow of understanding of the Word. Right now we are aware of a new culture that we are being pushed into. We are being rushed around by our circumstances that we no longer make READING and STUDY a lifestyle. This opens us up to a mere circumstantial and “Experiential” Christianity. This leads us into error and apostasy.
We are going to plant this ministry business in the UK, with openness to itinerate to other nations.
If you have known that we have blessed you in expressing our ministry we need to ask you to consider partnering with us. We need a lot of intercession for personal needs and personal well being. Right now we live on a very small income. We need partners and investors to come alongside and support not our needs but the vision God has given us. Supporting a vision is what unlocks blessing to you too. Also by taking possession of what has God shown us, maybe you too could work with us.

The urgent need is seed to grow into trees that bear fruit. Consider partnering to us with a monthly commitment, by writing to me on russell.durose@gmail.com and talking to us about it. Or if you sense God talk to you about a one time investment then send via PayPal to russelldurose@yahoo.com.
God ia into growth and advance and this email is that.


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