The Transfiguration Part 5: Tied to the visible



I am only posting once again because the Lord has given me two messages today. When God gives two messages we must obey the Lord. 

The Lord spoke to me powerfully about the Transfiguration, and its not the first time I have posted on this theme, but I have revisited with a new vigor and clarity. 

The Lord wants to bring His Glory into our midst. He wants us to be prepared for it. But sometimes our dependence on our humanity causes us to miss the essential reason for the visitation. Even Jesus remarked in Luke 19 about the city of Jerusalem “missing the hour of their visitation.” How sad!!!

God does visit His People, but how many understand and get beyond the manifestations into the heart of God, His Purpose?

Peter was wanting to stay. Yes, its wonderful, but Jesus had mind to advance toward Jerusalem to fulfil and complete His Mission. We all desire revival, but it is not a stopping place, it is a watering hole for the journey. We all pass through revival to propel us forward toward completing what God has for us!

But if we are like Peter, we say: “Oh Jesus, its so good in your presence…let us stay here.” But Jesus replies: “But you have a mission to complete.”

Peter responds, let us build tabernacles, one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah. How much was he prisoner to bring what is spiritual to become a visible monument of visitation! This is in a sense idolatry, in the sense that God wants His Glory to remain invisible and a faith dimension thing. When we reduce it down to stone, we are committing idolatry. Idolatry in the desert was not the worship of one golden calf, but calling it by the Name of Yahweh. This is REDUCING DOWN  FROM WHAT IS GREAT, INVISIBLE TO BECOME PHYSICAL AND THAT WHICH THE SENSES CAN GRASP. This is what God wants us to avoid, to satisfy the senses. The spiritual sense must take ascendency, so that we may unite and interact with Him spiritually. Besides, before creation existed the invisible realm of heaven, and all creation appeared from that realm. When God wants us to be inspired to aspire our dependence on visible things must diminish. 

We do not read of Jesus responding to Peter’s request for tabernacles, what we see is the culmination of the Father’s response. The tabernacle was Jesus Himself. You do not need anything visible to satisfy your life! 

Summarising, our dependence on our natural senses can be an obstacle, so let us TRAIN THE SPIRITUAL SENSES, through the Word. Hebrews speaks of this training. It comes when we approach God and endeavour to undo our natural education and become trained in the Kingdom. 




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