The fig tree, the temple and the mountain: Part 2: a glory-less house

This is a new message for this day. The Lord sometime ago sent me to preach and the Lord showed me Mark 11. In this He showed me that the way the events occurred chronologically is also signicant of what happened spiritually also.

We see:
1. Entry into Jerusalem
2. Observation of the temple.
3. The fig Tree
4. The mountain.

There is a prophetic message here.

The Lord began to show me about the temple in a preach in 1994 in Dundee. The Lord sent me with my late friends Yorrie and Eirian Richards.

The message was concerning recognising beyond the small and hidden, the new move of the Lord. The Lord showed me the temple. He showed me its history.

The Bible does not record its building. Does not relate to its dedication. It’s construction was in the years of Prophetic Silence.

It says quite a lot about building, when we should build, and in what way.

We know from history through the writings of Josephus that Herod tore down Zerrubabel’s temple related to in Zechariah 4. He replaced the temple of inner glory, without external majesty, with a structure of external majesty, but sadly devoid of inner glory. For Herod appearances mattered.

It is this same temple Jesus enters. Devoid of glory, was now full of commerce. Something which detracted from its true purpose. To be a house of prayer.

When we have emptiness of Spirit, we see things material substitute. Without glory we see purpose forgotten, and vision forsaken.

First of all, what is constructed without direction of God, is never filled with glory. The season was wrong. God was not sending His Word. The kairos was God’s silence of preparation and demarcation. When God is silent, you do not act, you do not build.

Whatever is empty must be filled. But what filled the temple was a system which had nothing to do with God.

What was never ordained by God is always pulled down. Jesus’ death started the downfall. First He expelled commerce then in His Death the empty temple was exposed. The temple curtain is torn from top to bottom, and all saw the emptiness. How much more when we operate our churches and ministries on empty, fooling all those around us that all is ok. Business as usual.

Jesus ended this. Within 40 years the temple was Destroyed. Not a stone was in place!

So Jesus’ visitation was to end a season and start a new. His new invisible temple full of glory. Unseen by the naked eye, but felt by all.

Let us see that Mark 11 is a turning point. Change. What does Jesus need to do in answer to corporate prayer to bring revival? Certainly Jesus:
1. Enters
2. Examines.
3. Expells
4. Exclaims
5. Exposes
6. Establishes.

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